No Nonsense Cookie Policy

Chocolate Chip Cookies

All of the cookies we use are essential and are required for the site to function correctly. We do everything we can to maintain your privacy and security while providing a great user experience. We will never sell your personal data or market to you without your permission. Here is a list of the cookies we use and why we need them.

  • userid (essential) - This is a random identifier to track contribution on cards, preventing erroneous edits. If you are logged in, this is associated with your account.
  • sessionid (essential) - This is a random identifier to identify unique browsing sessions. We use it to release new functionality to users, ensuring a smooth running, consistent experience.
  • token (essential) - This token allows us to authenticate you when request data from our servers and is necessary for security.
  • consent (essential) - This is used to store your cookie consent preferences in your browser so that we don't keep spamming you with the consent dialog.
  • state:create (essential) - Short lived cookie that stores the state of a card being created. This is used to prevent having to enter the same information twice after logging in when creating a card.
  • _ga (essential) - We use a tool called Google Analytics to collect anonymised data about how the website is used. We use this to help track down issues on the site. It is switched off most of the time.
  • _ga_K4W8YP0W25 (essential) - Used to persist session state. In simpler terms, this helps us join up the pages you have view in your visit. Again, we use it to spot issues. It is switched off most of the time.

Can I change my cookie choices?

Yes, at any time by clicking this button and following the popup.

Do you serve targeted advertising?

No we do not. We don't do anything fancy with your data beyond what we need to make the website function.

Do you use flash cookies, local shared objects, browser fingerprinting etc?


Will you sell my data

Big nope

Do you use any other technologies to track me?

We no longer use Google Analytics or any other third party tools. This is so that we can better maintain your privacy and the performance of the website.

How often do you update your cookie policy?

We will update this policy when we make functional changes to the site that require new cookies or the use of existing cookies changes.

Where can I find out more about your cookie usage?

Please contact us via email at