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Subscription free, Free Ecard option

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Online greeting cards are a quick, easy, and environmentally friendly way to send heartfelt messages to your loved ones.

Whether you're sending a birthday wish to a friend or a congratulatory Ecard to a colleague, online greeting cards allow you to connect with others in a meaningful way without the need for paper, ink, or postage.

  • Save 50% compared to GroupGreeting1
  • Free Ecard option available
  • Unlimited signatures and pages
  • Multiple card recipients
  • Add text, images and animations
  • Subscription free
  • Email confirmations and resends

Greeting card pricing tailored to you

Happy Tree Cards offer group greeting card pricing tailored to you and your business's needs. Don't need group signatures? We also offer a budget individual signature option.

  • Single Card

    Individual / Group Sign

    £1 £2

    Individual / Group Sign

  • Most Popular

    5 Group Cards

    5 Group Cards


    £1.60 / Card

  • 10 Group Cards

    10 Group Cards


    £1.40 / Card

  • Best Value

    20 Group Cards

    20 Group Cards


    £1.20 / Card

Greeting card message generator (NEW)

Launch Inspiration Generator

Use our AI powered message generator to create your own personalised greeting card message ideas. A great source of inspiration for birthdays cards, leaving cards.. or any other occasion.

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All prices include sales tax / VAT and are subscription free. The price helps us cover the running of the site including the storage of your card.

Bundles are added to your account as spendable credits. To spend credits, place a card in your basket and click 'Spend Credit'

1 Comparing a HappyTreeCards group signature card to a similarly featured GroupGreeting single card in USD. Comparison current as of January 10 2024.