AI Greeting Card Message Generator (NEW)

Use our AI powered message generator below to create your own personalised greeting card message ideas. A great source of inspiration for birthday, wedding, leaving cards.. or any other occasion.

How does it work? Just follow these steps:

  1. Choose the occasion and the recipient of your greeting card. For example, you can select "Birthday" and "My friend, John".
  2. Fill in your name so we can personalise the closing of the message.
  3. Select the length of your message.
  4. Select the tone of your message. Play around to find one that suits your personality and the occasion.
  5. Select your relationship to your recipient. If you can't find the exact one, we recommend sticking with "Friend".
  6. Click on "Generate Message" and wait for a few seconds. Our AI tool will use its advanced natural language processing and machine learning skills to create a unique and personalized message for your greeting card.
  7. Review and edit your message as you wish. You can generate more messages if you are not satisfied with the first one.
  8. Copy and paste your message into your greeting card and send it to your loved one. Enjoy their reaction and appreciation!

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Friendly Reminder: This tool uses a bit of magic and a bit of generative AI to concoct its messages. What this means is that while we take steps to ensure the output is appropriate, we can't guarantee it. Please use your own judgement and remember to tailor your messages to something thoughtful for your recipient.