Marco Wolfsheimer

Founder, Happy Tree Cards

Marco Wolfsheimer

Marco Wolfsheimer, the visionary behind Happy Tree Cards, is a trailblazer in the greeting card industry. With a passion for technology and a commitment to environmental sustainability, Marco has transformed the way we express appreciation and connect with loved ones.

About Happy Tree Cards

Happy Tree Cards was born in 2021, fueled by Marco’s desire to revolutionize the online greeting card space. Leveraging cutting-edge design, AI and modern web technologies, the company offers an environmentally friendly platform for sending personalized greetings. From heartfelt messages to playful animations, Happy Tree Cards strikes the perfect balance between innovation and sentiment.

Our Journey

In our inaugural year, we launched our website and quickly garnered a loyal customer base. Marco’s unique vision, combined with our stylish designs and intuitive ordering process, set us apart. We don’t just create cards; we create connections. As demand grows, we continue to evolve, adding new designs and features to enhance the user experience.


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