Greeting Card Trends and Insights

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The Hottest Greeting Card Trends in 2024

Explores the top trends and designs for greeting cards in 2023, such as interactive and augmented reality cards, personalized and customizable designs, and sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

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Best Group Greeting Card Websites in 2024

Discover the top online platforms for group greeting cards in 2024, with detailed reviews covering customization, types, and delivery options.

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Discover the Benefits of Online Greeting Cards

Online greeting cards offer convenient and customisable options for celebrating special occasions. They can be sent instantly from anywhere with an internet connection, making them perfect for busy individuals or those who are far from their loved ones.

Sending and Crafting Ecards

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Free vs Paid Ecards: Pros and Cons

Explore the pros and cons of free vs paid ecards. Discover which type suits your needs best for expressing your feelings and celebrating occasions online.

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The Ultimate Guide to Sending Free Ecards

Explore the convenience and joy of sending free ecards with our ultimate guide. Discover various platforms, personalization tips, and how to schedule your ecard delivery.

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Creating Personalised Ecards With Photos and Videos

Create personalized Ecards with your own photos and videos using Happy Tree Cards. Make every occasion special and memorable.

Design and Messages

A burst of colorful confetti surrounding a beautifully crafted, unique birthday card, symbolizing creativity and personal touch.

How to Craft the Perfect Birthday Card

Dive into the secrets of crafting the perfect birthday card with tips, dos, and don'ts that promise to make any birthday greeting unforgettable.

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Choosing the Right Greeting Card Design

Discover the art of choosing the perfect greeting card design. Explore tips on occasion, personalization, visual appeal, and more with Happy Tree Cards.

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Crafting Heartfelt Greeting Card Messages

Learn how to craft touching messages for your greeting cards that will create lasting memories with our tips and examples.

Humor and Technology

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Make Your Ecards Funny With These Tips

Add humor to your e-cards with our tips! Create memorable, personalized greetings that bring laughter and joy to any occasion.

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Generate Greeting Card Messages with AI

Do you want to create awesome greeting cards with AI? Learn how to use the Happy Tree Cards AI message generator to craft unique and personalized messages for any occasion.

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Online Greeting Card Etiquette

Explore the dos and don'ts of online greeting card etiquette to send your best wishes with a personal and respectful touch in the digital age.

Elevate Your Greetings

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Save Time and Money With Online Greeting Cards

Save time and money with online greeting cards. Discover the convenience, cost-effectiveness, and joy of sending personalized greetings online

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Say Thanks Around the World

Embark on a linguistic journey with our 'Say Thanks Around the World: A Multilingual Guide'. Explore how to express gratitude in various languages and delve into the cultural nuances that make each 'thank you' unique and meaningful.

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10 Creative Ways to Personalize Your Online Greeting Cards

Discover 10 creative ways to personalize your online greeting cards with Happy Tree Cards. Make every occasion special and memorable.

Greeting Card Insights and Inspiration

Photograph of ancient papyrus scrolls and Chinese paper with calligraphy

The Story Behind Greeting Cards

Discover the captivating journey of greeting cards, from antiquity to modern connections, and how they've remained a heartfelt expression through ages.

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Why Send Cards Online?

Sending online greeting cards is a convenient, eco-friendly, customisable, and cost-effective way to show someone you care. Discover the benefits of online greeting cards and learn how to send one with ease in this article.

Handcrafted bookmarks and gift tags made from old greeting cards, showcasing creativity and sustainability

Creative Ideas for Old Greeting Cards

Discover innovative ways to repurpose your collection of old greeting cards with our creative ideas and crafts.

Happy Tree Cards At Work

Woman in marketing - ecards in marketing

Unleashing the Power of Ecards in Your Marketing Strategy is revolutionizing the concept of digital greeting cards by incorporating humor and personalization, creating a unique and delightful experience for the receiver. Learn how you can use it give your marketing strategy a boost.

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Celebrate Diversity and Inclusion With Greeting Cards

Discover how diversity cards play a pivotal role in embracing and honoring our unique differences through the art of greeting. Join us in celebrating inclusion.

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Boost Your Business & Brand Awareness with Greeting Cards

Discover how personalised greeting cards can elevate your business and brand awareness, ideal for fostering strong relationships and customer loyalty.

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Boost Employee Engagement With Greeting Cards

Discover how group greeting cards can boost employee engagement through personalized recognition, milestones, team building, and expressing support.

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