New Baby Tips and Wishes

Warmly written congratulation card by fresh bouquet, anticipating happy moments ahead

How to Say Congratulations on a Pregnancy

Discover the warmest ways to congratulate expectant parents on their pregnancy with our list of thoughtful and heartfelt messages.

Photograph of a warm, cozy nursery with soft lighting and plush toys waiting for the new arrival

What to Write in a New Baby Card

Find the right words for a new baby card. Check out our list of group greeting card message ideas for some inspiration!

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Top 13 Funny New Baby Wishes for a Card for a New Baby Card

Discover the ultimate list of funny new baby wishes to add a touch of laughter to a new baby card. Perfect for bringing smiles!

Photograph of a mother reading a heartfelt card, surrounded by baby essentials, capturing the joy and anticipation of maternity leave

Heartfelt Maternity Leave Wishes: Messages for Expecting Moms

Find the perfect words to wish your friend, colleague, or family member well on their maternity leave with these heartfelt messages.

Writing the Perfect New Baby Message

A baby surrounded by rainbow confetti

Inclusive New Baby Greeting Card Messages for LGBTQ+ Families

Embrace inclusivity with heartfelt greeting card messages tailored for LGBTQ+ families celebrating a new baby.

A heartwarming greeting card and baby booties, capturing the essence of welcoming a new baby

10 Heartwarming New Baby Messages for First-Time Parents

Discover the perfect messages to include in a greeting card for new parents, warming their hearts as they welcome their little one.

Two loving parnets welcoming and saying hello to an adopted baby

10 Thoughtful Messages to Welcome Home an Adoption

Discover heartfelt messages to celebrate an adoption. Perfect for crafting a new baby card that shares your joy and love.

Photograph of a heartfelt paternity leave card placed next to new born baby booties

What to Say When Someone Goes On Paternity Leave

Discover the perfect words to congratulate and support dads-to-be as they embark on paternity leave. Find heartfelt, witty, and thoughtful messages.

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