Leaving & New Job Wishes

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Top 30 Funny Things to Write in a Leaving Card

Say farewell with a smile! Explore our top 30 funny leaving card messages to add a touch of humor to your goodbyes.

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What to Write in a Leaving Card

Discover what to write in a leaving card? Explore our leaving card messages to add a special something to your goodbyes

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Top 30 Leaving Card Messages for a Colleague

Discover creative and heartfelt ways to wish your coworker the best as they embark on a new career adventure. Say it right and make it memorable!

New Job Wishes

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How to Congratulate Someone on a New Job

Discover heartfelt and creative ways to congratulate someone on their new job, making their career milestone memorable and personal.

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What to Write in a New Job Card

Find the perfect words for a new job card. From colleagues to partners, discover messages that inspire and congratulate.

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How to Welcome Someone to the Team

Explore insightful messages to warmly welcome new team members, managers, CEOs, leaders, graduates, interns, and temps with our guide.

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Top 5 Ways To Make a New Starter Feel Welcome

Discover 5 heartwarming ways to make a new starter feel welcome in your team, including tips on greetings, gifts, and team bonding.

Leaving and Farewell Messages

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Top 30 Leaving Card Messages for a Boss

Explore heartfelt and funny leaving card messages for a boss who made an impact. Perfect for saying goodbye with warmth and humor.

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Professional Leaving Card Messages for the Office

Discover the perfect words to say goodbye with our guide on professional leaving card messages for any office role.

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Crafting Memorable Goodbyes with Heartfelt Farewells

Make a lasting impression with your e-cards by choosing the right card, personalizing your message, using proper salutations, being mindful of timing, considering cultural sensitivities, and more.

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What to Write in a Leaving Card for Someone You Don't Like

Struggling to know what to write in a leaving card for someone you don't like? Discover various message ideas that keep it civil, humorous, or subtly sharp.

Retirement and Layoff Messages

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What to Write in a Retirement Card

Discover heartfelt and memorable messages to write in a retirement card for colleagues, friends, and family in this comprehensive guide.

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Top 30 Funny Retirement Quotes & Messages

Laugh your way into retirement with our top 30 funny retirement quotes & messages perfect for cards or farewell notes.

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What to Write in a Card For Someone That's Been Laid Off

Find heartfelt messages to write in a card for someone who's been laid off, with personalized options for colleagues, friends, and more.

Thank You Tips and Wishes

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Top 35 Funny Things to Write In a Thank You Card

Discover the top 35 witty and humorous messages to include in your thank you cards, perfect for friends, colleagues, and special occasions.

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What to Write In a Thank You Card

Discover heartfelt Thank You messages for various occasions, and learn the etiquette for thank you cards. Perfect for expressing gratitude.

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How to Write a Thank You Card

Discover heartfelt ways to express gratitude with our guide to touching thank you card messages and personalization tips.

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Say Thank You with Heart

Discover warm ways to show gratitude with personalized thank-you cards. Spread joy and thanks to those who matter most.

Office Fun and Memorable Moments

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Funny Office Leaving Pranks

Say goodbye with a laugh! Discover hilarious office leaving pranks to bid farewell to colleagues in a memorable way

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How to Make a Leaving Memorable

Discover heartfelt messages and tips for crafting a memorable leaving card that conveys your best wishes for their new journey.

Popular Group Leaving Cards

Explore Our Group Leaving Cards